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Howdy. My name is Rusty Taylor, and I'm a jazz vocalist, currently fronting the band Southern Standard Time with a group of my friends who are wonderful jazz musicians. On April 18, 1986, I broke my neck in a single-car accident that left me a quadriplegic, unable to perform even the most rudimentary acts of daily living. I've since graduated from Mercer University with a BA in English and a minor in Computer Science, and then, for sixteen years, I worked for a global corporation as a computer programmer. Although I experienced many good times and met some really wonderful people, I felt my life insidiously draining in a vortex of corporate indifference. Fortunately, a very shallow dude worked in the Human Resources Department; he, with unjustified arrogance, a soi disant  sense of egoistic infallibility, the puerile misuse of the power of his position, and the mental acuity of a dried out sponge, made it very easy for me to break free from the shackles of corporate cupidity to pursue my dream of singing jazz. The group Rusty Taylor and Friends (now called Southern Standard Time featuring Rusty Taylor)  recorded a CD of jazz vocals, which turned out much better than any of us had dared to dream, receiving playing time in The Netherlands, Galveston and Waco Texas, and on Masani's jazz program The Jazz Spot, which airs every Friday evening on Georgia Public Radio. Welcome to my personal adventure in virtual reality. Read my blog; it's a chronicle of my journey into the realm of jazz as a quadriplegic. Join my mailing list. Sign my guest book. Listen to my music. Read my poetry, my lyrics, and, coming soon, my short stories. Check out some videos that inspire me. Check out my facebook page as well as my profile page on ReverbNation. Read my gig schedule so you can check out our live shows, and come back often; there's no telling what may be highlighted in the future.

Peace Through Music

I Sing For Three Groups
* Southern Standard Time
Any group of jazz musicians I can assemble to accompany my jazz vocals.
* VEE (Voices Enabled Ensemble)
A vocal ensemble of physically disabled singers.
* David Banks Ensemble
Gospel Jazz

My Personal Blog and Other Writings
I write a monthly blog highlighting the lighter side of paralysis as well as chronicling my journey into the world of singing live jazz music. This page also contains some of the essays I've wriiten along with some poetry, which includes writing lyrics for jazz standards.

Blogs That Pique My Interest
This link takes you to a page of blogs that interesr me. If you write a blog that you think may stimulate interest, email me the address, and I'll look into it.

CD Reviews
My inaugural CD of jazz vocals, Southern Standard Time, was received well in The Netherlands. Check out what other reviewers have written about me and my recording.

This link will take you to a page that lists some of the essays I've written on various themes. Within the page is another link that will navigate you to a list of op-eds I wrote to my local newspaper during the embarrassing administration of possible war criminal George W. Bush. Many were published and can thereby be corroborated as opinions I wrote during the time when the usurper of the presidency was very popular with the blind masses that lauded his ignorance.

Fun Words
I am a writer who loves words. This link will take you to a page that lists odd and fascinating words and phrases, trivia, lexicography, et al. It's just a fun page if you like words or word puzzles.

Here's a listing of gigs by jazz band Southern Standard Time.

Jazz Events In And Around Columbus, GA
It's a list of jazz events in Columbus, GA; Atlanta, GA; and a few from Auburn, AL; Birmingham, AL; Tuskegee, Al; and other live performances that I think might be interesting.

Jazz Musician In And Around Columbus, GA
Obviously, it's a page that lists contact info for jazz musicians in the area, the instruments they play, and, if available, a little bio.

I am a poet. Not a good one, mind you, but a poet nonetheless. I truly dig weaving the tapestry of poetry with the weft and warp of imagery via hightened language and literary devices aimed to stimulate the heart of the reader. This interest obviously manifests itself quite comfortably with writing lyrics to jazz instrumentals. Do not be wary. They're only words.

Monthly Blogs (Archived)
Actually, this page includes my monthly blog, an archive of my monthly blogs, my personal proclamation of emancipation from hatered, and links to essays, lyrics, and poetry I've written. Who knows, I may even add links to short stories, so check back often.

My Personal Proclamation Of Emancipation From Hatred
I am not a political person; I'm not smart enough to understand the myriad inconsistancies, obfuscations, and character violating rhetoric by both parties. Seems like a politician can say anything with impunity as long as she justifies it in the name of Democracy. I'm just a pot-smoking poet who likes to sing (preferably the challenging improvisation characterized by jazz vocals, although I really enjoy the bawdy folk song as well), but I do see the detrimental concequencies of unregulated Capitalism, and I believe, along with former legal director of CCR (Center for Constitutional Rights) Bill Quigley, that George W. Bush should be tried as a war criminal. To peruse a PDF file containing many of the 300-word essays I wrote to my local newspaper during Bush's embarrassing administration, click here.

Poetry page is COMING SOON!

This link will take you to a list of videos that inspire me: music, environmentally green, and interesting.

Video Of The Week
I post a video of the week. Why not?

Vocabulary Words
It's a glossary, man. I've been accused of purposefully writing 'big words' (sesquipedalian). I merely read challenging material, and I try to read with a dictionary handy... and I use it, too. Also, when I find a word I didn't realize even existed in the English language, I write it down! I've recently started collecting challenging words in this web-listing. Enjoy.

Links Of Interest (Internet):

Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus
Come aboard and get the little known Navy view of the Civil War. Focusing on the themes of Technology, Commerce, Blockade, Amphibious Operations and River Campaigns, you’ll get the stories of Sailors, Soldiers, Slaves and Civilians as affected by the Civil War Navies, North and South. Your group can get the experience through the Tours, Programs and Outreach outlined on the webpage.

Columbus Jazz Society
Columbus, Georgia that is, and yes, we have a groovy non-profit jazz society extant since 1987. We have a jam/meeting every second Sunday of every month from 6-9 pm. Every jam/meeting begins with a core band's playing two sets, and then the floor is opened to musicians who wish to jam. Catered by Country's BBQ in a spacious, smoke-free room of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church Activity Room. Visit the website for more details.

Columbus (Chattahoochee Valley) Libraries
Did you know you can check out CDs and DVDs at the public library? Would I lie to you? Also, check out links for best sellers in fiction and nonfiction, genealogy, digital media, bookmobile, e-books, and more.

Columbus Planning Department
The Columbus, Georgia Consolidated Government's Planning Department provides research, analysis, and policy recommendations to the City Council and Planning Advisory Commission (PAC) on land use, zoning, transportation planning, historic preservation, subdivision plan  reviews, and urban design. The Department also acts as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Columbus-Phenix City area. Check it out.

Columbus Museum
Founded in 1953, the Columbus Museum is one of the largest museums in the Southeast and is unique for its dual concentration on American art and regional history, displayed in both its permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions. The mission of the Columbus Museum is to collect, preserve, research and interpret American art and regional history for the education, enrichment and enjoyment of a broad and diverse public. Plus it's free.

Columbus State University Jazz Studies
The Jazz Studies program at CSU promotes and celebrates this unique and all-inclusive art form - jazz, and is committed to providing interested students with innovative, comprehensive, and specialized  jazz education.  We offer a  variety of opportunities for music students to broaden and strengthen their career choices by acquiring important skills in jazz performance and jazz education. Available to any music major student the Minor in Jazz Studies curriculum offers a full variety of jazz courses and ensembles, from Jazz Theory and Improvisation and Jazz History, to applied jazz lessons on bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, and drum set. Through taking these jazz courses the students will learn necessary jazz performance and jazz education skills, while in Jazz Band or Jazz Combos, developing an intimate acquaintance with all jazz styles ranging from Dixieland to Bebop to Hard Bop to Contemporary Jazz. Smaller chamber jazz groups (jazz combos) provide the opportunity for students to focus on developing personal improvisation styles and benefit from enhanced interaction with ensemble members, studying and memorizing jazz standards and working original compositions.

National Infantry Museum (Fort Benning, GA)
The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center’s primary focus is on education. We want all who visit the museum to leave here with a better appreciation of the sacrifices American Infantrymen make to protect our freedom. We strive to help all visitors understand what drives a young man to become an Infantryman, putting himself in harm’s way in defense of an idea. We encourage schools to bring children as young as 8 to the museum to begin learning about the critical role the Infantry has played — and continues to play — in U.S. history. And we are the primary venue for young Soldiers to learn about the legacy they are joining. A visit to the museum is part of the curriculum for all trainees.

Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center
Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality educational programs and resources that promote environmental awareness and citizen science. Our mission is to inspire individuals to conserve, protect, and restore the natural environment.

Southern Standard Time featuring Rusty Taylor
It's my band's facebook page. Check it out and 'like' us if you, in fact, truly dig our style. It's infectious, riotous, and, gosh darn it, it's clean fun. (Sorry about the aggressive vernacular... I just get so excited.)

The Loft
The Loft is Columbus, Georgia's weekly home for jazz music, a Columbus Uptown favorite, a family run business rooted in local history since 1992, combining food, fun, and music in a scrumptious and unique way. It has always been our family's goal to share with our patron's quality and value in a casual atmosphere. In short, if you love extraordinary food, the best in live entertainment and a warm and welcoming service staff, come spend the evening with us.

Online Radio Stations That Play My Music:

      Adore Jazz
      Bellmead Strong Radio
      The Morning Coffee Mix

The World of Rusty Taylor
A hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester disguised as a jazz-singing poet, monthly blogger,
and manuscript-writing essayist

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