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The World of Rusty Taylor, a hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester disguised as a jazz-singing poet and writer


                                                      #Wheelchairistocracy #GroovicusMaximus

A capriciously disseminated newsletter written by a hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester who, like King Lear, impotently screams ineffective vitriol at the raging antediluvian squalls of societal indifference that violently smash the planet and callously destroy the things I love. I cry, defeated by a redoubtable sea of troubles as my siblings, whose pursuits of happiness do not coincide with the status quo, are mowed down by ignorant privilege while comfortably content indifference ignores the anguished cries of people's suffering simply because they don't look the same.

I started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to pay people to help take care of me (a quadriplegic level C-4 Complete spinal cord injury since 1986). The following links to two essays I wrote explaining why I did this. Please read, and if you dig my jive, you can donate by clicking here.

The Jazzonian with solicitation - January 2019
The Jazzonian with apology - January 2019

And now, my newsletters entitled QuadTalk:

Welcome to QuadTalk. I am Rusty Taylor, a complete, level C-4 spinal cord injury who, for thirty-two years (and counting), has been unable to perform even the most rudimentary acts of daily living, and, as such, I am a victim of the nefarious for-profit healthcare system we, the citizens of the U.S.A., have callously ignored for too long. This will not be a media blitz of superfluity; I am a vitriolic antagonist against the status quo, so if you are naively looking for a feelgood story about a “poor li’l ol’ cripple boy” who done good against the odds, then I suggest you go find the Hallmark Channel and infuse your brain with enough endorphins to make you forget that separating children from their families is simply morally unconscionable or that a casual rapist majestically sits as Supreme Court judge. Otherwise, welcome...

    QuadTalk - January 14, 2019
        A Public Debate
    QuadTalk - January 17, 2019
        Irrational Passion
        And Another Thing
    QuadTalk - January 20, 2019
        Oh Yeah, The Columbus Jazz Society Is Stirring
        My GoFundMe Update
    QuadTalk - January 27, 2019
        It's A Quad Thing; You Might Not Understand
        It's A Quad Thing; You Might Not Understand​
    QuadTalk - February 5, 2019
        Corporate Reality
        Journal Entry October 2018
        Trump Versus Mueller
        On the Homefront
    QuadTalk - February 19, 2019
        I Am A Recovering Capitalist​
    QuadTalk - February 26, 2019
        Spasms, Marijuana, and Jazz
        Uncaring Health Care
        Jeff, Baseball, and My First Pat Metheny Concert
    QuadTalk - March 7, 2019
        Minimum Wage is Slavery
        Fact Is... Trump Was Elected
    QuadTalk - March 11, 2019
        ​The Incipience of My Paralysis
        My Swan Song
    QuadTalk - March 18, 2019
​        Disemboguement of Sympathy for My Hero
        It's A Quad Thing; You May Not Understand
    QuadTalk - March 26, 2019​
​        Barr's Jarring Barr of Mueller's Report
        I Was Fired Because I Am A Quad
    QuadTalk - April 4, 2019
        ​A Metaphorical Crumbled Trump Tower is the Ozymandias for Future Poets
        Progressive Aphorisms
        The GOP is Sponsored by Benjamin Franklin The Metaphoric Currency, Not the Philanthropist
    QuadTalk - April 11, 2019
​        I Am Alive Again
        Twelve Second Angels
        Progressive Aphorisms
        GoFundMe Update
    QuadTalk - April 18, 2019 (the 33rd anniversary of my paralysis)​
        An Aborted Theme of Plangent Indifference
        Travelin' With Gran'ma (Part 1)
        Progressive Aphorisms
    QuadTalk - April 30, 2019 
​        Hamlet's Dilemma 
       A Day in the Life 
       It Ain't Jazz, But...
    QuadTalk - May 4, 2019
        Before We Begin
        Another Story About My Brother, An Artist
        Tarnished Silver
​        Three Billboards
​        It Ain't Jazz... But
    QuadTalk - May 23, 2019 
        Time To Quit? Depends On Who You Are
        Charismatic Buffoonery
        Progressive Aphorisms
        Pro Help Thy Neighbor
        It Ain't Jazz... But 
    QuadTalk - May 31, 2019
​        Uncivil Hormonal Wars
        Returning to Work After A Three-Day Weekend
        Progressive Aphorisms
        It's A Quad Thing; You Might Not Understand
        Volatile Aquiline Volition - a poem
    QuadTalk - June 9, 2019
        It's A Quad Thing; You Might Not Understand
        An Initial Decent Into Madness
        Southern Strategy Help Trump Usurp the Presidency
        Tender Chunks of Meaty Goodness
    QuadTalk - June 23, 2019​
​        What Is Fear?
        Wait A Minute... We've Been Extant For Seven Years
        Around Two Dozen Democratic Candidates vs One Jackass
        Genetics or Environment?
        Progressive Aphorisms
        GoFundMe Update
    QuadTalk - July 5, 2019
        ​A [Few] Day[s] in the Life of A Fool
    QuadTalk - August 5, 2019 
        Are You Kidding Me?
        Beauty and the Big Band