Southern Standard Time

The World of Rusty Taylor, a hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester disguised as a jazz-singing poet and writer
Callaway Gardens
Spring 2013

Slow creek's creeping through flora's quickening as another mild Winter silently slips into Spring.Clumps of floral bushes under the watch of slender pines vertically stretching beyond Heaven's bright azure ceiling.Camilia's warming up for their solos.Radiant smile.A minor scuffle between Winter and Spring... a touch o' grey vs. pink lumenescence.Arboreal awakening above bloom-blushing bushes.Silver water rushes through azeala blossoms as a cool breeze dances to melodic birdsong.Daffoldils unfolding auriferous glory. A recent cold front stunted some of the brilliance, but the overall effect is golden.The majestic pine holds court.Coming back from the other side.Although I can rarely take the path less traveled, I am grateful for the accessible paths available.A quick, colorful creek's silver-sprinting toward the passive pond.A verticle stretch as Nature awakens from its seasonal slumber.In time, even stone can be carved by wind and water.As deliquescent as chocolate.A stone wave crashes against horizontal arboreal shore.Wheelchair flatus.A quaint chapel's patiently awaiting the shrill thrills of adolescent delight.I think I saw Elvis... crying.A fresh water slide for star fish. ...from a rock gushes forth life-affirming water.Refreshing shower for ladybugs... that are males.Slender trunks stand sentry over sacred waters.A groovy, accessible path.Thank Upatoi...  the carnivorous azaelas aren't able to overcome the stone barrier that protects worry-wearied pedestrians.The first leaves of Spring almost always appear more lumenescent than at any other time of year.One can see the encroaching pink blossoms as they approach from their base camp.I love Spring. As I glide through my personal Autumn, it's nice to remember love's first kiss.A splash of blue.Like Life itself, blossoms are temperal reminders of our terrestrial vulnerablities.Won't be long before the greens of Summer invade the entire scene with botanical thaumaturgy.Aggressive rushing blooms wiggle towards the tips of each branch, playfully urging innocuous speciousness.Thankfully, the tulips are confined... no tellin' what mischievous pranks they'd pursue otherwise.Colors exploding everywhere.A close up of the Rainbow Gang in solitary confinement. They've been known to spread happiness to unsuspecting by-standers. A sturdy fence keeping the dred azaelas from overtaking the asphalt path.A placid lake.Ruminate... it's, like, reflective, man.Treelicious.The false security of putting up walls to keep innocuous enemies from invading supercillios sensibilities. A shower of flowers.Just a sweet, sweet picture.Nice carpet.Spider flowers.Flower power, baby.Stellar terrestrial starlight.Frosted tree in the distance.Nectar fairies are hiding within the flora.All along the watchtower.The chapel in the distance.