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Photos of Columbus, Georgia
The Fountain City and My Hometown

Remodeling of the 14th Street Bridge... to be used as a pedestrian bridge connecting the Phenix City riverwalk with the Columbus riverwalk.Shot of the riverbed of the Chattahoochee River when the water level is low. Note - these photos were taken before upriver dams were blown to make the current white water rapids.Autumn scene in the Chattahoochee River Valley.Crepuscular lighting.A fig tree sentry's observing the possibly pernicious, seemingly advancing copse... Sheez, it's the copse!The first, bashful azalea blooms of the season.A bucolic woodpile.14th Street Bridge remodeling. In the distance, one can see, from left to right, TSYS downtown campus, the Mott House, and a brick parking garage.Construction for the 14th Street Bridge, preparing also for the upcoming white water rapids course.The Synovus BuildingColumbus State UniversityLow water levelDillingham Street BridgeHeading into Phenix City, AlabamaPeering into Columbus from the Phenix City sideAll along the water towerNifty looking cloud structureTaking advantage of the low water to search for... somethingAmphitheater along the Chattahoochee River. (I'd like to sing there one day)I took many sanity breaks along this river as an escape from the mind-numbing work of staring at a screen for many, many hours while the river flowed freely toward FloridaYou got me. I have no idea, but it's along the Chattahoochee RiverOne of many antebellum homes in the historic district  Iron children playing baseball next to Historic Golden Park and the Civic CenterA kiln for making bricks, an early indutrial influence for Columbus, GeorgiaTold yaThese canons are protecting a riverside gazebo facing a particularly pleasant bend in the riverAn obligatory Civil War monument honoring the fallen local soldiersOne of the ancestral mills converted for modernityWe are The Fountain CityAnother fountain in the downtown area near the Marriott Hotel  Here's the well-protected gazebowSome of the more famous baseball players who played at Historic Golden ParkCSU before the Government CenterA redoubtful fire hydrant protecting a street signHistoric Golden ParkDedication to our city's industrial pastThe area's natural resources were important to the city's growthThe Marriott Hotel used bricks from the area mills factoriesThe Pembleton House. Columbus native Dr. John Styth Pemberton invented the formula for Coca-ColaTold yaThe Rivercenter for the Fine Arts, a groovy venue for live music, especially the pipe organWhatever it is, it's happy to be gurgling alive in Columbus, Georgia  Sol Loeb, area distributorMonument honoring the Spanish soldiers who explored the areaAntebellum Victorian brick building  A nice park in downtown Columbus, the fountain represents nearby Coweta FallsTribute to steamboat legacyDowntown park near the Marriott HotelHistoric W. C. Bradley Building