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The World of Rusty Taylor, a hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester disguised as a jazz-singing poet and writer
World Omega Center, August 11, 2013
VEE's Inaugural Gig

Flyer For VEE's first gig: Miss Christy Preister's poetry reading at Omega Fraternity World Center in Decatur, Georgia.It was a warm day, but it was August. What did I expect?A very impressive building for our inaugural gig.Poet Miss Christy Priester allowed us to sing for her poetry reading. She's very inspirational, wrapped in velvet love, and sprinkled with kindness. Although we didn't know each other then, Christy and I were at The Shepherd Center back in '86.Warming up before the show.Chilling before the singing.One of our lovely backup singers.Miss Myrna Clayton and our musical director Darren Winters.Darren, live and in 2-D.The first act was a drumming ensemble, including dancing and poetry.The sunshine of the show: Miss Katherine.Katherine has CP (cerebral palsey), but she has a wonderful, fairy-enchanting voice.Inspirational.She knocked them dead.Me and Katherine, founding members of VEE.Admittedly, we sounded great.Can't wait 'til next gig.I really love singing... it's like dreaming in sound.